Coffee Campus…Where knowledge of coffee becomes art

Coffee Campus…Where knowledge of coffee becomes art

Have you ever wondered who makes your coffee? How much do they actually know about coffee? How do they know to grind the beans a certain way and why are they suggesting that you try a specific single-origin blend? At Coffee Island, we not only ensure we use the finest raw ingredients, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, but we also pay particular attention to having our baristi trained by experienced coffee educators at our Coffee Campus.

What is Coffee Campus?

It’s our very own Coffee Academy. Anyone becoming a member of the Coffee Island family, whether a new colleague, partner or a new store barista, is given the opportunity to undergo a training program and gain new knowledge and skills. This training is carried out by Campus Trainers with specialized knowledge of the science of coffee.

4 schools have been created, each one providing specialist training to students on different aspects of coffee. Quality School provides its students with knowledge around R&D and sensory skills, which allow them to evaluate coffee based on its quality characteristics. At Grindery School, students learn about the options available in our coffee shops, about the different coffee blends and varieties and brewing skills that allow them to make beverages using a variety of appliances. At Roasting School, trainees can learn about green coffee, its cultivation and manufacturing procedures and its distribution. They also train on roasting methods by our experienced roasters on state-of-the-art equipment. Finally, at the Barista School they learn how to offer truly unique beverages by learning how to monitor equipment and production processes that affect the flavor profile of coffee. It’s here that they learn how to decorate drinks with latte art as well.

Each school provides certifications based on the know-how and skills of the student, across 3 levels: principal, advanced and premier.

This way, trainees have the opportunity to develop according to their personal goals and ultimately transform the customer’s in-store experience into something truly special.

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Get to know our educators and baristi

How does one become an educator? What distinguishes them from the baristi in our neighborhood stores we’ve all become familiar with? Are there similarities?

A barista’s daily routine isn’t much different than that of a trainer. Initially, trainers are themselves trainees. The coffee industry is evolving, new trends emerge, while certain things get reexamined and change constantly. Therefore, trainers and trainees study a lot so they can keep up with the latest trends and developments and improve daily.

What else do they have in common? Their passion for specialty coffee of course! They both drink lots of it and sample even more, whether to offer the most exclusive variety to customers or to evaluate the beverages that trainees create.

Trainers and barista come in contact with many different people each day. Their days are demanding, human-centered and need organization and patience, while customer-care and an effort towards perfection characterize their every moment. Communication skills, teamwork and collaboration are key ingredients of a successful workday. Finally, they both wear the distinctive Coffee Island apron, testament to their expertise and knowledge.


The trainer’s role

Trainers aim to inspire baristi by acting as role models and mentors. Trainers transfer their knowledge and love for coffee to baristi which in turn create a unique coffee experience for customers daily.

This is achieved through personalized training based on educational trends and the needs of each trainee. This way, trainers ensure that baristi have all necessary skills to allow them to work in a Coffee Island store.

At Coffee Campus we transfer our knowledge, values and philosophy and inspire excellence day after day. We arouse emotions, we innovate, we lead and develop Professional Baristi – coffee-roasters.

The journey of mastering coffee begins at Coffee Campus!

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